Patriotic Cake

Get ready to celebrate the 4th of July holiday with this simple and delicious patriotic cake! You’ll love the taste and flavor which will be just another great reason to celebrate! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest If you like this post, then you’ll love these other posts:

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Aladdin Cupcakes

I loved the movie Aladdin growing up. I would imagine a magic carpet ride through a whole new world of wonder and awe; dreaming of a magical lamp, with a real genie, there to grant wishes! It is really no surprise that kids adored the heartwarming music and inspiring feel of the classic tale When…

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Buckeye Fudge

Buckeye Fudge is a creamy peanut butter fudge layer covered with a thick layer of chocolate fudge. Two amazing fudge flavors stacked on top of each other. Peanut butter and chocolate, “What’s not to love!”  On Monday, I posted Peanut Butter Balls. I know they can be a bit time consuming rolling and dipping each little ball.  Now the…

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Candy Corn Button Art

I love Fall and all the crafts I can do. I am also an October baby so maybe that puts a little more thrill into the season. Candy Corn is one of my favorite fall candies so I wanted to do this Candy Corn Button Art, it’s so easy get the kids involved for a…

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3 Tips for Saving On Big Purchases

3 tips for saving on big purchases

  When it comes to making big purchases, it helps to save up for them first. Not many families have the savings or income to just drop money on a large purchase without any preparation. Even if you do have that kind of money, it’s still a smart idea to save and plan first. Here…

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Teaching Your Children To Love Reading

How to teach your children to love reading

  Learning to read is one of the most important skills we ever develop. Even if you don’t enjoy reading for entertainment, it’s a requirement in our society. You need to read street signs, instructions, directions, television programming, and more. Most jobs require some level of reading in order to perform them. Basically, it’s a…

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3 Workouts You Can Do At Home

3 workouts you can do at home

  Not everyone has the time to spend hours working out at the gym each week but you can still stay in shape. All you need are a few good workouts that you can do at home. There are plenty of ways to get the exercise your body needs to be healthy, even if you…

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How To Increase Your Financial Literacy

How to increase your financial literacy

  One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to increase your financial literacy. The more you know, the more financially fit you will be. If you feel intimidated by this, don’t worry. Even if finances don’t feel like your strong suit, there are many ways to improve. Here is how…

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Appetizers: Smoked Mozzarella Dip


When I see an appetizer that has cheese in it I have to try it. I love cheese! I am so glad I tried this one and my family was very happy as well. It’s ooey gooey and so delicious. I made it as an appetizer to a spaghetti dinner. For the recipe please click…

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