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Hi! Welcome to MasiLoves, a blog for moms, homemakers, and anyone looking for great tips, delicious recipes, healthy living tips, and fun DIY projects! MasiLoves is all about having fun times at home with your family.

All posts here on MasiLoves fall into one of these six major themes:

  1. Roundups
  2. Family Life
  3. Tips and Good Ideas
  4. Travel
  5. Healthy Living
  6. DIY & Crafts

The themes represent the things that are most important in my life, and that I imagine are likely important in yours.

Want to mix it up and try a new recipe for dinner or snack time? Recipes and roundups will save you so much time and energy. I do the hefty work of researching and compiling all the best roundups from the internet (and from my friends and fellow bloggers), and I share them all right here for you in one place.

Here you’ll find short articles on Family Life, TIps and Good Ideas, and Healthy Living. When you only have five minutes because life keeps you busy and on the go, you can pop in for some quick need-to-do information.

Speaking of busy lives, I believe that people should always be able to travel. You should be able to travel while you’re still young. Families should be able to travel with their children, instead of waiting until the children are grown and moved out. At MasiLoves, you’ll find articles that help you plan travel, save money for family vacations, and see everything you want to see in your lifetime.

MasiLoves will bring out the DIY and crafter in you as well. I love sharing ideas for around the home, craft projects, fun DIY projects you can do with the kids, and much more.

Why the Name “MasiLoves”?

Family is everything and that’s what this blog is all about. It’s present in the name of my blog as well. “Masi” is a nickname given to me by my dear sister, Holly. I’m 14 years her senior, but we’ve been super close ever since I was the first to hold her when she was born. Starting when she was about 2, she called me mom/sister and this somehow merged into “Masi”. From there, it stuck. My sister has autism, and a childlike spirit that always keeps me young. She means everything to me, and naming this blog after her special name for me helps me keep her spirit in the work that I do here as well.

Jennifer and Holly
Thanksgiving Family Photo 2017 2

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Image_1

A Wife

A Mother

A Sister

A Daughter

A Friend

A Christian

A Dreamer

Hi, I’m Jennifer, the writer behind MasiLoves. I know what it’s like to be a woman who wears many hats. If you’re always juggling something, I hope you’ll pop on over from time to time to see what I have to share with you on the blog.

Now, what about me?

  • I love sweets, I don’t just have a sweet tooth a have a whole mouth full of sweet teeth!
  • I love cake decorating. I have been decorating cakes since the age of 10 (completely self-taught).
  • I love dancing! When a good song comes on, I am the one who wants to get up and dance.
  • I also love long walks. It’s my way of clearing my mind from a busy day.
  • Of course, I love shopping. (What girl doesn’t?) I particularly like shopping for home goods.
  • I spend as much time with family and friends because life is so short. I am blessed to be a mother to a 19-year-old son and a sister I love just like a daughter.
  • I am also blessed to have a wonderful mother who is also my best friend, and of course, my husband who is always so supportive of me.
  • I have the best, best friend in the world! She is always there for me, no matter what, and we have some crazy fun times together.
  • I couldn’t get through this life without my family, friends, and God.

I hope that you will join me as I share the joy that I have with my family with yours.

Thank you for stopping by and Enjoy looking around MasiLoves.

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