DIY Crayon Wreath

We all have our childhood days when we colored and scribbled with numerous crayons. Hundreds of colorful crayons can be used to adorn a wreath along with a chalkboard or other accessories in the center to add your personal message.

This is a great crafty project for the kids to make before going back to school. The coolest way of making your bedroom door or the walls of your room look vibrant would be by creating a lovely wreath out of crayon. This makes a lovely gift for teachers too. 


1 Large Hoop

1 Small Hoop

1 Box of 120 Crayons (I didn’t use all of them)

Hot Glue Gun & extra glue gun sticks

Paint and Brushes


Wooden Letter

Wooden Accessories

Mini Chalk Board

Step 1

Lay out the crayons in a pattern before you start to glue to get spacing right. Then glue each crayon one by one to both hoops.



Step 2

Paint wooden letter and other wooden accessories. Let Dry



Step 3

Add hot glue to the corners of your chalkboard; place right in the center on the back of wreath so that the corners are glued to the crayons.


Step 4

Add ribbon, Add wooden letter and wooden accessories with hot glue.



Step 5

If it’s a gift, wrap it up carefully otherwise hang it up and you’re done!



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