Patriotic Drink and Craft

Looking for a refreshing drink and activity all in one? This Patriotic Drink and Craft is a fun way to let the kids create their own beverage and fun straw to drink it with!

Patriotic Drink and Craft

This patriotic drink and craft is so simple, delicious and fun to make!

Course Drinks
Cuisine American
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Craft Straw Supplies Needed

  • Paper Straws (Red, White, Blue, Silver)
  • Paper (Red and Blue)
  • Stickers (Stars, flags, fireworks)
  • Tape or Glue
  • Scissors

Sparkling Drink Ingredients

  • Lots of Ice
  • Red Pop with high sugar content – Red Mountain Dew or Faygo work best
  • Clear Pop such as 7up or Sprite
  • 0 Sugar Blue Gatorade or Powerade


Craft Straw Directions

  1. Using scissors, cut paper into long strips to desired width.

  2. Cut each strip down the center widthwise, to create two shorter pieces to work with. 

  3. About an inch from the top of the straw, wrap one piece of paper around the straw and secure with tape, glue or a tape roller. 

    adding tape to the paper and straws
  4. Once secure, cut an inverted triangle into the edge. 

  5. Apply stickers and you are ready to go!

Sparkling Drink Directions

  1. Fill Glass all the way to the top with ice.

  2. Pour the Red Pop slowly into the glass, as close to the side as you can get. This helps to avoid staining the ice red as it trickles down.

  3. Fill until the glass is ⅓ full. Rotate the glass, and pour the clear pop in.

  4. Try and pour it over a large ice cube and as slow as you possibly can.

    adding in the clear liquid
  5. Fill until glass is ⅔ full.Finish the drink by slowly pouring in the blue sport drink. 

    patriotic drink and craft with straw

Recipe Notes


Tips for the Drink Recipes:

The secret to layered drinks is sugar content. The drink with the highest sugar content will drop to the bottom, the one with the lowest sugar content will stay at the top. Have fun playing around with different drinks with varying sugar content! Tilting the glass slightly while pouring in the red drink, helps to avoid staining ice cubes red. Filling the glass all the way to the top with ice really helps keep your layers precise!

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