Painted Easter Egg Wood Slices

Materials Needed (for 3 ornaments):

3 oblong wood slices cut at an angle, about 2” wide and 3” long

DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish paint in Everlasting (white), Serene (blue), New Life (green), Rejuvenate (yellow) and Romance (red)

Assortment of paint brushes

3 small hoop eye pins (similar to these: )

Decorative ribbon of your choice, ⅛” wide


Lighten each of the four colored paints by mixing them with the white paint (one-to-one)

Paint an oval egg on to the surface of each wood slice with a different colored of lightened paint. Leave a small border of unpainted wood on the outer edge. Let dry and then repeat on the other side if desired.

Starting with the yellow egg, add embellishments with the other colors of paints. Add different colors and thicknesses of lines and different colored dots.

Next, paint the green egg with different colors of zig zags, lines and dots.

For the blue egg, add different colors of wavy lines and yellow dots.

Let the paint dry completely then screw in a small hoop eye pin to the top of each wood slice. Add ribbon for hanging.

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