4 Leaf Clover Hair Clips

Your little girl won’t have to worry about getting pinched for not wearing green with these adorable felt 4 leaf clover hair clips topping off her St. Patty’s day outfit. Made from two layers of soft felt and topped with a cute miniature St. Patrick’s Day button.



Hunter green and Kelly green felt
Miniature St. Patrick’s Day buttons
Hot glue/hot glue gun
Alligator clips


1. Draw a clover without a stem onto your hunter green felt and draw a slightly smaller one onto your Kelly green felt (think 4 hearts with the bottom points touching for your clover).

2. Cut out your clovers and glue the smaller clover onto the larger clover.


3. Carefully pin your button on top of your smaller clover.

4. Glue your alligator clip onto the bottom of your larger clover, let the glue dry and your clip is ready to wear.


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