St. Patrick’s Clover Card

St. Patrick’s Day is sneaking up on us again. This year have the kids make these very cute and very easy to put together Three Clover cards for family and friends. The kids can pass them out at a Family St. Patty’s day gathering or simply mail them and put a smile on a grandparents face.  The kids will have so much fun making these cards.

St. Patrick’s Three Clover Card

 Kid’s Craft



List of Supplies:

3 clovers card template

Colored Craft Papers at least 6 different colors

White Cardstock Paper


Craft Glue

Pencil – to trace the template


Making Process:


Step (1)

Select the colored craft papers and trace the pattern on them from the template. Use pencil to trace the patterns on the craft papers.

Step (2)

Prepare the card using a green colored paper. Prepare a white cardstock paper same as the card’s shape but slightly smaller (1 cm smaller from all sides) than the card.

Step (3)

Take any 2 of the large cut out heart patterns and fold them into half vertically. Apply glue on any one side of the folded hearts and place them side by side on their place (on the card) creating another heart pattern.

Step (4)

Take any one of the smaller hearts and fold it into half. Glue the small heart in between the 2 hearts from the previous step.

Step (5)

Similarly Add the rest of the hearts to complete the three-clover pattern. Also glue the stem to complete the clover pattern.

Step (6)

Take the 4 thin strips and glue them on four sides of the card to create a border.

Step (7)

Glue the smaller ribbon label on the large ribbon label and write down a St. Patrick’s Day quote on it. Glue the labels below the clover on the card.


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