LEGO Cupcakes

My Lego-Inspired Cupcakes are the ultimate LEGO treat. I Decided to use rice cereal treats for the edible LEGO pieces (rather than just shaping some fondant). It adds that extra “oomph” to this dessert and I know the kiddos will love them!

Are you a LEGO fan? Have you ever hosted a LEGO-themed birthday party? I can’t wait to bake more treats in celebration of the movie!

I wish I lived closer to LEGOLAND. There is one in Florida and most people don’t even know it’s there. They always think of the one in California. It’s definitely on my bucket list. 

Kids and Parents are going to love eating these LEGO cupcakes whether their for a birthday or for the movie their sure to be a hit. 

Lego Cupcakes

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 12 cupcakes
Author Jennifer Grooms


  • 12 of your favorite vanilla cupcakes You can make from scratch, use a mix or get 12 cupcakes from your local bakery
  • 1 stick butter softened
  • 2 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 2 tsp yellow gel food coloring
  • Store-bought/ready-made rice cereal treats
  • 4 oz. red fondant divided
  • 4 oz. blue fondant divided
  • 4 oz. green fondant divided
  • Cornstarch for rolling
  • Small bowl of water


  1. Ensure that your cupcakes are completely cool before decorating. With an electric mixer, mix together butter, sugar, and milk, gradually increasing the speed to high. These ingredients will make your buttercream and you’ll know that it’s complete once it’s smooth and forms semi-stiff peaks.
  2. Save about 3 tbsp of the buttercream in a separate bowl. Color the rest of the buttercream with yellow food coloring.
  3. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and cut your rice cereal treats into small, rectangular shapes (about 2in x 1in). Spread entirely with white buttercream. You’ll need 24 of them.
  4. Roll each fondant color to be about ¼ of an inch thick. Using the tip of a #12 Wilton icing tip, cut out 16 circles of each fondant color. (Hint: cornstarch will help the fondant from getting too sticky.)
  5. Cover each rectangular cereal treat with fondant. You should have 8 of each color.
  6. Use a paintbrush to brush a dab of water on the back of each mini circle fondant. Place 2 per rectangle.
  7. Frost each cupcake with yellow buttercream  

  8. place 2 “Lego pieces” on top. Enjoy!