DIY Essential Oils Joint Pain Relief Roller

Modern medicine provides many “quick fixes to the health struggles that many of us deal with on a daily basis. I’m talking about advil, tylenol, tums, sleeping pills…. the list goes on.

These “quick fixes” can have detrimental side effects when taken over a long period of time. When we don’t address the root cause of our health problems, it can end up feeling like we are just managing sickness every day!

What if there was another way? What if we focused on promoting wellness by supporting all systems in the body? 

Essential Oils have the power to support and balance our endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and reproductive systems. When we use essential oils consistently, we can work on promoting wellness rather than just managing sickness – all while avoiding the nasty side effects of synthetic drugs. 

This DIY Essential Oil Joint Pain Relief Roller will help with anti-inflammatory issues, achy muscles and joint pain. I keep one with me in my purse at all times. It smells wonderful thanks to lemongrass, wintergreen, myrrh, ginger and copaiba oils. It very easy to make taking less than 10 min. 


1/2 tablespoon of witch hazel (this helps reduce inflammation)

1/2 tablespoon of a carrier oil like coconut oil, sweet almond oil or safflower oil

10 drops of copaiba essential oil

10 drops of wintergreen essential oil

10 drops of myrrh essential oil

10 drops of lemongrass essential oil

10 drops of ginger essential oil

Roller ball container (I bought mine on Amazon)


Steps 1-2: In a small mixing bowl, add the witch hazel and carrier oil.

Steps 3-7: Add your five essential oils to the bowl.

Step 8: Mix the ingredients together

Step 9: Using a dropper, add mixture to roller bottle. Top With ball and lid.  This recipe will make one roller bottle.

Roll topically on joints to relieve soreness or pain.

Here is a short bit of info on the benefits of each oil:

Copaiba: This is said to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils you can use. There have been studies on the benefits of this oil to reduce pain and inflammation for arthritis. Its Analgesic properties can reduce pain and loosen muscles.

Wintergreen: This oil has been known to reduce pain in achy muscles and joints and reduce swelling and inflammation. People with rheumatism, arthritis, and pain in their bones and joints can benefit from using wintergreen oil. This oil is easily absorbed by the skin and helps to clear obstructions in the blood and improve blood circulation, which is directly connected to arthritis and rheumatism.

Myrrh: This essential oil is wonderful for reducing inflammation of the tissues. It also has a beautiful woodsy scent.

Lemongrass: This is one of my favorite oils, both for the smell and the benefits. This oil has been used for avery long time in the reduction of pain and inflammation, almost immediately.It is a natural analgesic, relaxes muscles and works wonders on joint pain.

Ginger:This powerful oil is used to reduce muscle and joint pain. Research has shown it may be more effective than some pain medications.

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