Lemongrass Oil Tissues

Do you enjoy the smell of essential oils? Sometimes when you have a cold or need to relax smelling essential oils can be so helpful. I use these Lemongrass tissues when I have a cold because the scent of lemongrass is  clean, and fresh. 

These tissues couldn’t be any more simpler to make. All you need is a box of tissues, the essential oil you want them to smell like and cotton balls which are used to add the scent. 


1 box of tissues

4 cotton balls

Lemongrass essential oil 

Glue dots


1.   Apply 2-3 drops of lemongrass essential oil on 4 cotton balls and set aside.

2.   Carefully,open the side of the tissue box and insert the lemongrass essential oil-soaked cotton balls into each corner of the tissue box.

3.   Apply glue dots on each cardboard flap of the tissue box and seal tightly. 

4.   The infusion will begin to work right away! You will be able to enjoy the light and fresh scent of lemongrass with your first tissue!