Christmas Advent Calendar

Do you remember waiting for Christmas and it seemed to take forever?  Funny how as an adult, it seems to come much, much faster isn’t it?  Sometimes waiting is hard, but waiting was always a little more exciting with our advent calendar!  We had several advent’s at our house.  One, was a tree that you got to decorate one day at a time.  It was probably my favorite decoration of my mom’s and not because of how cute it was. Story goes that my Great grandmother bought one for each of her kids and all five kids hung it to be nice. Through the generations, what nobody expected was all the kids becoming obsessed with it.

We also had a candy advent calendar.  A few of them!  My mom would always get one for us and my grandfather would send one.  Two chances for chocolate each day?  I’m in!

Advents are fun whether they have candy, chocolate, surprises, a fun thing to do (like the Christmas tree) or if it is filled with holiday activities to do (such as sledding or going to look at lights).

Want to make your own no-sew holiday advent calendar?  It’s really easy!


You will need:

White Felt (Buy this in the fabric section of the store by the yard. I purchased 1 yard and had plenty of leftovers!)

Brown Felt

Red Felt (I used 3 squares)

Green Felt


Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun

Red and White Pipe Cleaners

Wooden Dowel

First, you will need to cut your white felt.  This will be your banner. You may want to cut yours a tad bit longer than you plan, that way when you get everything cut and laid out it gives you a little room to play with.  You can trim it down!


Next, trim your dowel.  I just used scissors.  You want the dowel to have some room on each side to hang.

Place your dowel on the top of the white felt and fold it over, gluing in place.  Ta da!  Your banner is ready to hang!  And decorate…


Next print your templates.  If you have a cutting machine you can use it to cut everything out, but if not, it is ok.  Download our templates, print them and cut them out.  This is seriously the hardest part.


Once your templates are cut, flip them over and trace onto felt.


The reindeer will be traced on brown felt, the words on red felt and the numbers on white felt.

Cut out 25 squares.  These will be the pockets on your advent.  I did a mix of red and green felts.

You will also need a red circle for Rudolph’s nose!

Arrange your pieces on your banner as you want them.

Get your hot glue gun ready!  Glue the numbers to the squares.



Then, glue all pieces to the white banner.

When gluing the pockets, glue the two sides and the bottom, but leave the top to form a pocket.

Lastly, glue your fun candy cane pipe cleaners around the edges of your banner to make a frame.

That’s it! This project is really easy! And looks fantastic!