Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap

This DIY liquid hand soap is easy to make with castile soap, essential oils and vitamins.  I made mine pumpkin spice because I’m truly pumpkin spice obsessed!!!  I’m first in line when the PSL comes out, LOL.  This liquid hand soap is so easy to make. Once you make your first bottle you’ll be wanting to experiment with other scents. 



1-part Unscented castile soap

1-part vegetable glycerin

1-part distilled water

1 tbsp vitamin E oil

1 drops of clove,

1 drops of ginger

1 drops of nutmeg

4 drops of cinnamon.




Fill your soap bottle with equal parts, ⅓ each, castile soap, vegetable glycerin and distilled water.

Next, mix the oils including vitamin E in a separate bowl.

Pour into the soap container.

Shake bottle for 20 seconds to ensure it mixes up completely.

Now print off label and stick it to the bottle. I included 3 colors to choose from.  We used a sticker maker!

pumpkin spice 3.png copy

pumpkin spice.png copy

pumpkin spice 2

Use and enjoy the fall scents!



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