5 Tips for Establishing a Back to School Routine

Getting ready for school in the mornings can be a nightmare without a plan. If you don’t have a routine, everybody will be running around trying to get things ready right as the bus rolls up every morning. Beat the bus with these 5 tips for establishing a back to school routine for kids!

Be consistent

When preparing a morning routine for kids, or even adults, consistency can make or break the system. Being consistent in your routine means everybody can wake up knowing exactly what they need to do and when it needs to be done. Without that system in place, things get forgotten, people get behind, and it all falls apart. Set expectations with your children about when things should be done and who should do them to ensure everything is done on time. A predictable morning is a successful morning, so be consistent in your routine.


Let them help

One thing kids hate is being bossed around and told what to do. Unfortunately, this is a big part of keeping mornings going smoothly! Alleviate this stress by letting them help put together their lunch or make their own breakfast. Kids generally want to help but tend to hate being forced, so letting them pick what they do will make a big difference. This way, they can feel like they have a more important role in mornings and will be excited to be acting independently instead of just being given orders.


Establish a bedtime and wake-up time

Waking up on time is the very first thing everyone needs to do to keep mornings on track, right? Not exactly! A proper morning routine actually starts the night before by making sure everyone goes to bed at a reasonable time and gets enough sleep. Setting a bedtime for your kids will go a long way to ensure they get good rest and are ready to go on time each morning. Going to sleep and waking up at consistent times helps with sleep cycles in both children and adults, so consider doing this for yourself as well!


Start early

While starting early could mean waking up earlier than you think you need to, that’s not quite what I mean. Start your routine a few weeks before school actually starts. This will allow your family to work out the kinks and get your kids used to waking up on time. Summer tends to mean more lazy days and less strict schedules. That’s fine for summer, but it won’t fly once school starts up, so get in the habit early.


Don’t get mad

This may sound out of place for a morning routine, but this tip is just as important as the others. No matter how well you plan or how many times your family has gone through your routine, there will be times where things don’t work out. If there was a problem and your children didn’t follow their routine, don’t get angry that they messed up. This will make them grow to hate their morning routine. Instead, be constructive by helping them learn what to do better next time.


Kids and parents alike dread school mornings, but with an established routine, it’s smooth sailing. Give these tips a try during back to school and see how easy your mornings can be!