Summer Drink Topper’s

This is an excellent craft if you need some Perler ideas!! This is a fun craft to do with the kids and it’s an extremely useful craft around the summertime when you want to drink lemonade outside on the porch.


Perler beads
Perler bead fuse ironing paper
Circle pegboards
Bead tweezers
Colorful paper straws



1. Use your tweezers to place your beads into a circle onto the center of your circle pegboard, leaving the very center 7 pegs empty.

2. You can place the beads in whichever pattern you’d like, I chose a beach ball, sun and a fun summer swirl.

3. I like to start in the center and work my way out do I know my design will be perfect. The beach ball was a little more difficult. I started in the center and place several white lines outwards. Then filled in the empty spaces with colored beads.




 4. Carefully piece of ironing paper over the circle pegboard and iron (no water/no steam) for several seconds or until the beads start to fuse together.

 5. Once the beads are fused together, carefully remove the ironing paper by peeling the paper back (the beads will stick to the paper).

 6. Carefully remove the beaded circle off the pegboard (it will be hot).

7.Lay flat until dry.

 8.Place on the top of a Mason jar with a straw in the center to keep bugs and such out of your summer drinks.