Mother’s Day Garden Salad Kit



Potting mix

Paper gift bag

Small cellophane gift bag


Seed starting trays or small pots

4 packs Lettuce/Greens seeds

Gardening gloves


Hole Punch

salad garden kit label

Salad garden printed gift tag (see below)


  1. Punch a hole in the corner of the salad garden printed gift tag.

  2. Using ribbon, tie the 4 packs of lettuce/greens together, with the gift tag on top. Be sure a pack of lettuce is at the top of the stack of seeds.

  3. Cut out the Salad garden kit printed label. (Downloadable label in materials)

  4. Attach the printed label to the front of your paper gift bag near the top.

  5. Place enough potting soil to fill your seed trays or small pots into a cellophane gift bag, and tie it closed with some ribbon. 

  6. Roll your garden gloves up, and tie them together with some ribbon. 

  7. When you are ready to give your Salad garden kit as a gift, place the gardening items into the paper gift bag, and top with some colorful tissue paper if desired.