Must Have Basic Baking Tools You Absolutely Need

MasiLoves - Must Have Baking Tools You Absolutely Need

I absolutely love baking and making delicious and savory treats for my family. There are many amazing baking tools out there, but here are just some I can’t live without.  Especially if you are just starting out learning how to bake, you need to fill your baking arsenal with the right tools that can help you bake the best treats.

If you have a baker in the family, these items will also make great gift ideas for your loved one. I’ve made it easy to shop by curating great baking tools from Amazon. If you use the links below to purchase, thank you! I will be getting just a small commission for helping you save some time shopping around.

Here are the tools I use in my own kitchen to make all the yummy desserts you see on my blog. These are the tools I absolutely cannot live without.

1. A Good Mixer

When you’re baking a lot, a good mixer will save you time and will save your arm.

Highly Recommended: Kitchen Aid Mixer 6 QT

Low-Cost Option: Digital Hand Mixer

If you don’t have one or can’t afford one a good hand mixer like this is a good choice:


2. Mixing Bowls

Of course, when you’re mixing, you’re going to need the bowls to mix your dough and batter in.

Metal Mixing Bowls

Clear Mixing Bowls

I use Pyrex bowls all the time. I have many different sizes. I have various Pyrex bakeware pieces I can’t live without!


3. Baking Sheets / Tins / Pans

Baking Sheets

Another staple includes baking sheets.

Muffin Tins 6 and 12 cups

An Assortment of Round Cake Pans

You should have the Wilton Easy Layers! Having the non-stick feature helps me make perfect cake layers.

Regular Cake Pan

Bundt Pan

Bread Pan

Pie Pan

I think a Pie Pan should be pretty and it should bake well. I own this exact pie pan and love it!

Spring Form Pan

Perfect for when you make cheesecakes!


4. Food Processor/Blender

Highly Recommended: Nutri Ninja | Ninja Blender Duo System

I can easily make some milkshakes when I use my Ninja Pro which is both a food processor and blender.

Food Processor Only: KitchenAid Mini Food Processor

A food processor is great. I use mine a lot when I’m crushing cookies.


5. An assortment of Good Metal Cookie Cutters

I prefer using metal cookie cutters because you get a good, crisp edge. I’ve been handed down some of mine. If you’re on a budget, a great place to find them is in antique stores.


6. Cooking Racks

This is probably the last thing new bakers decide to purchase but letting your masterpieces cool in the right way really makes a difference.


7. Measuring, Mixing, & Other Hand Tools

Measuring Spoons & CUps

Silocone Spatula


Rolling Pin

Pastry Blender


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