Creative Spring Decorating with Items Found around Your Home



Spring is here and if you want to get fully into the spirit, it’s time to start decorating your home. You can decorate indoors and out, and you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to do it. In fact, you can do some great spring decorating with simple items found around your home right now.


Here are some creative spring decorating ideas you can do from items found around your home:


  • Use old rainboots (or just one, if you lost the match) as planters – These look great on a front porch or entryway, but you can use them indoors, too.
  • Put fresh flowers out – If you don’t grow flowers of your own, you can purchase some for cheap and they really make a big difference around the home. Use vases or pots you already have and drop some lovely spring flowers in them. It will brighten any room.
  • Paint Mason jars – You can paint Mason jars in pastel or spring colors and use them for storing items, holding flowers, or for other décor around your home.
  • Use old buckets and other containers – Look around your home for old buckets and pails, milk jugs or other containers. You can paint them, or use them as-is for more of a rustic look. Put flowers, plants, or other spring décor items in them.
  • Decorative bird cages – If you have old bird cages (or pick some up at a thrift store or yard sale) you can use them for decorating around the home. Make it a planter, a candle-holder, or even put photos inside for a unique look. You could decorate with spring flowers, butterflies, or make it a terrarium inside.
  • Colorful pillows and throws – Sometimes spring decorating is as simple as bringing some bright colors back into your life. Look for or buy some new colorful pillows, throws or other accessories. It can really brighten the room and bring the feel of spring to any space.


Decorating for spring brings a breath of fresh air to your home after a cold, dark winter. You can open the curtains and blinds and let in the sunshine, while also brightening up the décor inside. Decorating can be fun, but it also has emotional benefits, as it improves your mental health.


Now that you have these great ideas, start looking around your home to see what you have to start decorating. Many of these items might be just lying around already and you can put them to good use. How will you decorate your home for spring?