Using Chalkboard Paint for Spring Decor

Spring is a great time to start redecorating your home. If you want to welcome spring with some great décor ideas, consider using chalkboard paint. While you can go with the traditional black or green chalkboard colors and write or draw designs on them, you can also find chalkboard paint in different colors and use it for other projects, like painting furniture or making spring flower pots. This paint is so versatile, let’s take a look at a few ways you can use it in your spring decorating around the home.


Here are some ways to use chalkboard paint for spring décor:


  • Create a calendar – You can put a monthly calendar up to help plan and celebrate all the fun things you want to do in spring with your family.
  • Draw on the walls – Give your children something fun to do on those spring rainy days. Create a wall they can draw on with chalk in their bedroom or playroom (or in a hallway if you are pressed for space).
  • Put flowers on the wall – You can paint a mural or use a smaller piece to create a frame design that fits in the space you want. There are so many options when you’re using chalkboard paint and/or chalk.
  • Decorate spring flower pots – You can also use the chalkboard paint on some old (or new) pots and then you can write the names of the flowers/plants on them, draw spring-inspired images on them, or make your own sunny day pictures.
  • Build your own mini herb garden – Another pot idea is to use small terra cotta pots, paint them with chalkboard paint, and build a mini herb garden with them. You can label the herbs with the chalk and they will look so cute in your kitchen window for spring.
  • Paint picture frames – Another fun idea to give a spring feel to your home is to paint some picture frames with nice spring-like colors. Pastel chalkboard paint works great for this.
  • Paint decorative eggs – Get a head start on your Easter décor and paint some decorate eggs. You could display them in a basket or make chalk drawings on them and display them.
  • Paint jars, bottles and containers – You can paint Mason jars, cans, bottles, or other containers. Use them to hold pencils, as flower vases, or for whatever you want. They’ll bring the spring spirit around any time.


With these great ideas about using chalkboard paint for spring décor, you’re ready to get started. Remember that you don’t have to be elaborate or over the top when it comes to spring décor, or the ideas you do with chalkboard paint. Sometimes it is the simple, subtle touches that have the greatest impact anyway. Enjoy!