Easter Treat Basket For Kids

I love Easter and its right around the corner.  I’m sharing a fun craft for you – an Easter Treat Basket. This is a great project to do one-on-one at home, but you could also do this at a school party and then let children fill their baskets with treats. Fun and easy!


List of Supplies:

Colored craft papers – 4 to 5 different colors

Cardstock paper – light color

Craft glue

Scissors (use scissors under adult supervision)

Black gel pen

Pencil – to trace the template

Treat Basket Template

Making Process:

Step (1)

You can either print and trace the large pattern from the template file on the selected cardstock paper or print out the template lay on the cardstock paper directly. Cut out the traced pattern carefully.  This template is for the basket. Also cut out the handle for the basket.

Step (2)

Make folds along the traced lines inside the large cut out pattern for the basket. Fold up any one of the middle piece of any one side.

Step (3)

Now fold up the two pieces from the sides and level the upper edges of all three parts and glue them together. Similarly fold up, apply glue and join the three parts on the other side to complete the basket.

Step (4)

Choose 4-5 colored craft papers and trace the small patterns from the second template. Carefully cut out the traced patterns. This template includes, bunny, 5 patterns for the bunny, 4 flower patterns, 2 grass patterns, 4 parts for the carrots.

Step (5)

Apply glue along at the bottom edge of the grass pattern and attach it with the basket by leveling the bottom ends of the grass and the basket.

Step (6)

Use a black gel pen to draw the features of the bunny and to trace an outline around it. Glue the 4 feature parts to complete the bunny for this project.  Glue the bunny with the basket (on the opposite side of the grass) but facing towards the front.

Step (7)

Now glue the rest of the items (with the grass) one by one.

Step (8)

And finally attach the handle of the basket. I added another darker but shorter layer of grass (one layer just didn’t seem to be enough!).

Happy Crafting!