Wooden Circle “LOVE” painted craft


Materials Needed:

Wooden circles with pre-drilled top holes

Wood Burning Tool

Pink acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

Red acrylic paint

Small foam paint brush

Wooden skewer (or small paint brush)

Raffia ribbon



Using a wood burning tool (or another item) carefully make a hole in 3 of the 4 wooden circles opposite the circles already there. (The 4th won’t need a bottom hole.) 

Paint the circles pink with a foam brush. Let dry.


Using a skewer (or small paint brush) write L, O, V, E with the red paint on each of the circles. Make sure the E is on the fourth circle without a bottom hole. Let dry.

Use the skewer (or end of the paint brush) to make accent dots with white paint on the edges of each letter. Let dry.

Tie each letter with ribbon, leaving desired length in between. Tie a longer one at the top to hang.