Natural Remedies for Flu Symptoms


This flu season is a bad one and even many people who usually avoid it are finding themselves down with the symptoms of flu. While every virus just needs time to run its course while your body fights it off, there are some things you can do to be more comfortable in the meantime.

Here are some natural remedies for flu symptoms:

  • Drink lots of water – It sounds so simple but it’s more important than ever when you have the flu. Hydration will help your immune system fight off the virus more quickly.
  • Pump up the Vitamin C – You can take about 1,000 mg 2-3 times a day as a supplement and also eat whole fruits and vegetables
  • Take Vitamin D – You can take 2,000 IU daily and also try to spend some time in the sunlight, of it’s possible (flu season also means darker skies)
  • Add some Zinc – You can take 50-100 mg of zinc a day to support immune health. It also has an antiviral effect.
  • Try some essential oils – You can also rub essential oils like frankincense and peppermint into your neck and bottom of your feet for immune support.
  • Probiotics – Many doctors also recommend this for flu. If you restore the benefit bacteria in your gut, it helps boost your immune system.
  • Hot water with lemon and honey – You can make a soothing drink of hot water or tea with lemon and honey to prevent mucus buildup.
  • Ginger – Ginger tea with raw honey is also helpful for flu symptoms.
  • Use nasal irrigation – If you’re having an issue with stuffiness or post-nasal drop, consider nasal irrigation. This can help you avoid getting sinus infection after the flu.
  • Sip on soup – When you have the flu, you probably don’t feel like eating but your body needs the nourishment to keep fighting on the virus. Try sipping on some soup instead. There are many different types of soup to choose from for variety.

Of course, in rare cases the flu can be deadly. Never take chances with your health. Children and the elderly are also at a higher risk of serious symptoms from the flu. Here are some signs your natural remedies may not be enough, and you should seek medical help:

  • Severe or persistent vomiting
  • Confusion/ dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
  • Signs of severe dehydration
  • Fast breathing/ trouble breathing

Now that you have these tips and natural remedies for flu symptoms, you’re prepped to survive yet another flu season. Keep safe and healthy!