Bring Your Family Closer This Holiday


The holiday season is supposed to be about family, but sometimes the family bonds can feel strained, making this time together stressful. This may happen if there are unresolved issues, differences of personality, or a trauma or other significant event has occurred. Or maybe you don’t have anything negative going on, but you just don’t talk as much as you’d like and you want to remedy that.


If your family is important to you, then you like want to break through these barriers and bring everyone closer. The holiday season is a great time to do this, but how can you pull it off? You may need to take the reigns and step up as a leader if it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do it. Oftentimes, it’s what your family already wants as well, but everyone is waiting for someone to lead.


Here are eight ways the holiday season can bring your family closer:


  1. It gets everyone together in one place. Usually families will gather together for the holidays, giving more time for mingling, talking, and even working out any issues that may have been unresolved in the air.
  2. It encourages people to put aside their differences. For the sake of a fun holiday for all, people are more likely to put away their grudges and just enjoy the time together.
  3. It encourages us all to count our blessings. Everything may not be perfect. Your family may argue, or even fight, but you still have each other. That’s more than some people have.
  4. It reminds of us those we’ve lost. Often during the holiday season, we have memories emerge of those who are no longer with us. This makes us think about how precious life really is and why you should learn to forgive and forget.
  5. People may need to help each other out. During the holiday season, your family members may be called upon to help decorate, cook, travel, or do other things to help each other out. This brings you closer.
  6. You have time to bond over memories. Holiday memories tend to stick with us for a long time. Strong bonds are formed when you make these memories together as a family. It can make you feel closer to one another even after the holidays have passed and you’ve all gone back to your routine.
  7. You can share stories. When everyone is sitting around waiting for dinner, or time to open the presents, it’s a great time to share stories – about life, about kids, about friends, or anything.
  8. There’s just something about the season. While you can’t always put your finger on it, there is just something about the holiday season that can have everyone in better spirits. Maybe it’s the lights, the food, the excitement, or the memories, but spending this time with people you care about will always bring you closer.


Now that you know these ways the holiday season can bring your family closer, you can take the steps to set that in motion if it’s something you feel is important and needs to happen. There is no better time than now.