Enjoy the Christmas Spirit with Your Kids


The Christmas holidays come with a variety of mixed feelings. It brings out the best in some people and the worse in others. It’s filled with happiness, sadness and everything in-between, but most people have one thing in common. They enjoy spending the holidays with family and friends and there are a few simple things you can do to make the holidays season even more enjoyable.

Here are seven great ways to enjoy the Christmas spirit with your kids:

  1. Listen to Christmas music. Nothing can get you in the holiday spirit like music. So, sing and dance to your favorite Christmas songs as you take care of daily chores. Singing and dancing to music is a great way to enjoy the holiday spirit and your kids will love it.
  2. Have family discussions. During the discussions, have everyone talk about what Christmas means to them and why. Tell stories of past experiences that make you smile and talk about things you would like to do together during future holidays.
  3. Decorate your home and tree together. Decorating is fun for the whole family so it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the Christmas spirit and celebrate the holidays with your kids. The decorations also create a festive environment that will help lift your spirits and get you in the mood for celebrating.
  4. Read stories as a family. Gather around the fireplace or Christmas tree and read The Night before Christmas or other stories your family enjoys. You’ll have lots of fun sipping on hot coco while taking turns reading and it’s a great way to spend the holidays together as a family.
  5. Learn all about Christmas together. Christmas is so much more than giving or receiving gifts. Set aside a little time each day during the holiday season to research and talk about how Christmas originated and all the different ways that people celebrate it.
  6. Start a new family tradition of your own. It’s nice to do some of the things with your kids that you did as a child but it’s also fun to start up a new tradition that you can call your own. It gives the kids something to look forward to every holiday as it lifts everyone spirits and makes the holidays a little brighter.
  7. Share the holiday spirit with others. Nothing warms the heart more than giving to others or helping those in need. There are many ways to share the holiday spirit with others that include making care packages for the men and women in the military, taking small gifts to the seniors in nursing homes or volunteering the family to help out in a soup kitchen. No matter what you do, helping others is a great way to celebrate the Christmas spirit with your kids and teach them the importance of giving at the same time.
Enjoy the Christmas season with your kids and make time for each other. It’s easy to get wrapped up in dinners and gift giving but Christmas is so much more. Spend time together relaxing and enjoying this time together. Kids grow up so fast they’ll be celebrating Christmas with their own kids sooner than you think. This is your time and you get to decide what to make of it.