How to Save on Christmas Gifts this Year


Holiday gift giving is a lot of fun. Most people will agree that it’s exciting to both give and receive gifts. That said, your bank account may not be feeling quite as generous as your heart when it comes to the giving season. If you need to stick within a budget, there are some things you can do to help you save on Christmas gifts without skipping for anyone you care about.


Here are some ways that you can save on Christmas gifts this year:


  • Host a gift exchange – Rather than buying presents for everyone on your list, consider a gift exchange. Everyone who wants to participate can sign up to give and receive gifts and you can even put a spending limit on it if you want to be sure people aren’t spending too much.
  • Quell your gift list – While you may want to give gifts to everyone you know, it may not be practical. Take a look at your gift list and see who is really important and who might be well served with just a card or similar greeting.
  • Shop for sales – Look online and in stores for sales and discounts. Check the sales rack or aisle of your favorite stores. Shop for clearance, and use coupons if you have them. This can really add up, even if it’s just a couple of dollars here and there. By the time you’ve done all your Christmas shopping, your savings could be bigger than you imagined.
  • Give baked goods – Maybe there are some people on your list who would enjoy having some nice baked goods instead of a store-bought gift. It brings a personal touch and shows you’re thinking about them, without requiring you to spend a lot of money on the gift and gift wrapping.
  • Give handmade items – Following the point made about baked goods, you could also do handmade items for some people on your list. There are some people who prefer this anyway, and it saves you money.
  • Shop early – If you’re reading this close to Christmas, your timeline may already be dwindling but it’s a fact that the earlier you shop, the better deals you can find. This gives you time to save more money, shop around, compare prices, and even get something cheaper online and have it shipped. When you’re down to the last minute, you just have to get what you can find and pay whatever they’re asking. You become limited in your options.


With these tips, you can save more on Christmas gifts this year, without feeling like you’ve sacrificed, or blew your own budget.