Glitter and Gold Pumpkin

Shake up your Halloween decor with this gold glittered pumpkin. A great project for kids, creating these sparkling pumpkins is quick, easy and fun. Plus, since the pumpkins remain whole, they’ll last much longer than carved ones.


Supplies Needed:

 Faux Pumpkin

Mod Podge


Paint Brush





  1. You’ll want to lay down several sheets of newspaper to protect work surface. Gather your pumpkin or pumpkins and decide on your glitter color or colors.
  2. Apply Mod Podge with a paint brush in sections, you may want to use various different size brushes then apply glitter with a spoon. Continue working in small sections until you achieve your desired level of coverage.
  3. Pick up the pumpkin and shake off any glitter that didn’t fully adhere. Set the pumpkin aside and fold the newspaper to funnel the excess glitter back into its original container.