Candy Corn Button Art

I love Fall and all the crafts I can do. I am also an October baby so maybe that puts a little more thrill into the season. Candy Corn is one of my favorite fall candies so I wanted to do this Candy Corn Button Art, it’s so easy get the kids involved for a quick and simple fall craft.


8×10 Frame

Orange, yellow, and white, acrylic paint

Burlap ( I ordered mine from Amazon)

Hot Glue Gun and extra glue sticks



Step 1

Cut a piece of burlap to fit 8×10 frame then trace outline of candy corn design onto burlap.

Step 2

Paint in the lines with your acrylic paint


Step 3

After the paint is dry, start gluing your buttons on. There is no wrong way just have fun!



Step 4

Place in Frame and enjoy your work.