4th of July Wreath


Supplies Needed

 -12 in wreath frame

– 2 packs of clothespins (This wreath takes 60 clothespins to make but there are only packs of 50 at Walmart which are $1 each.)

– wooden stars (you can order these from Amazon or buy them at Hobby Lobby)

– red, white and blue spray paint


Start by dividing out your 60 clothespins. For mine I painted 15 blue, 22 white and 23 red. Next step is to paint them. I spray painted them, you could use acrylic paint and a paint brush if you would like. I will tell you it takes a while for the clothes pins to dry so be patient. Next Stagger them on the wreath frame doing all the blue clothespins together then 4 reds followed by 4 whites. Lastly, attach the wooden stars to the blue clothespins and hang!

This is a fun project to do with the kids and get them involved in all the patriotic festivities.