How To Naturally Get Rid of Ants


During the summer ants can be a real problem. They always seem to find a way into your home where they march across your table, counters, window sills and floor in search of food and water. Once they find what they’re looking for inside your home they will not leave. In fact, the ant colony will continue to grow unless you take steps to get rid of them as soon as you notice them.

Here’s how to naturally get rid of ants in the summer:

  • Put a barrier around your home to keep ants out. It’s always best to stop them before they find a way inside if possible. Look for entry points they can use to enter your home and put down a barrier. One option is to fill the cracks and crevices that allow the ant’s access into your home with borax, cayenne pepper or ground up chalk. The chalk contains calcium carbonate, which repels ants naturally.
  • Eliminate anything that might be attracting them. For example, store opened sugar and other foods in sealable containers instead of the original packages to help eliminate food sources that attract ants.
  • Make your own bait using borax and sugar. Mix one part borax to three parts sugar and place the mixture in small, easily accessible containers along the ant trails. The worker ants will carry it back to the colony where it will eventually eliminate all the ants.

Use these tips to help you keep those pesky ants from invading your home this summer. They’re easy to implement and affordable, too.