Tips for Introducing Kids to Exercise

Tips for introducing kids to exercise


It’s never too early to introduce your kids to exercise. Teaching them at an early age that exercise is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help set them in the right direction right from the start. Kids don’t get as much exercise today as they used to. Instead of running and playing outside, many of them are playing video games and watching movies. This type of behavior has led to an increase in childhood obesity but you can help make a difference in your child’s life by making exercise a priority.

Here are a few good tips for introducing kids to exercise:

  • Talk to your kids about the importance of exercising daily. Explain the benefits and talk about how you look and feel better when you’re physically fit.
  • Keep it simple. Kids don’t really care about the technical stuff so keep it simple when explaining why it’s important to exercise and teach them easy exercises to do.
  • Make it fun. One of the best ways for kids to get exercise is through playing, so get outside and play ball, run around or go for a walk together.
  • Consider their interest when finding ways to get them active. If your child loves dancing, then consider enrolling them in dance classes. If they like to play ball, then look for a sports team to join. Kids are more willing to get active when it involves an activity they enjoy.
  • Set the example. It’s hard to explain the importance of exercise if you never do anything physical. When your kids see you exercise, they’re more inclined to listen and take being physically active more seriously.

By introducing your kids to exercise at an early age, you’re helping to set them on the right path to healthy living. This is something they can carry with them the rest of their lives.