Valentine’s Home Decor Ideas

6 Great Valentines Day Home Decor Ideas


Are you looking for fun ways to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day? This holiday lends so many décor opportunities! While many people think of decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, it’s not just the big holidays that can get some love around your home.

Many families enjoy decorating for other holidays as well. Everything from St. Patrick’s Day to Valentine’s Day is a chance to decorate. If you have children at home, they could also have fun jumping into the decorating and making your house look festive. Whether you are new to decorating for V-Day, or a seasoned vet who does it every year, we have some ideas to help you out.

Here are six great Valentine’s Day home décor ideas:

  1. Liven up your front door with a Valentine’s Day wreath! A wreath makes a great décor choice for any holiday and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Your guests will feel the holiday cheer before they even walk through your front door. Whether you buy one or make one with various shades of red, pink, and white or heart print patterned ribbon, this can be a great way to make your front door so much more festive!
  2. Embrace the holiday’s colors! Look for ways to incorporate pink and red into your home. You can decorate with candles, flowers, and anything else that allows you to utilize these colors. White also makes a good accent color with all that pink and red.
  3. Change up your bathroom décor! Consider investing in a Valentine’s Day themed shower curtain and bathroom. You can also get matching bathroom accessories, such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and soap tray. It will be a lot of fun bringing out these items each year at this time.
  4. Hang a Valentine’s Day banner in your home. While you can find them at most craft or party stores, or you can design your own. Cut hearts out of red and pink construction paper and string them together. Hang from your mantel or staircase!
  5. Sweeten up your kitchen with some Valentine’s Day décor. Look for heart-shaped serving dishes or fill mason jars with red and pink candies. The more hearts you can add to the room, the better! You can make your own crafts to use in the kitchen and also in other rooms of the home.
  6. Put out some Valentine’s Day themed throw pillows! You might consider putting out some pink, red, and white colored throw pillows in the living room. Another option is to incorporate them in your bedroom.

These are just six great Valentine’s Day home décor ideas that you may want to try out in your home this February but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can build on these ideas and create more of your own.