3 Workout Tips For Cold Weather Months

3 workout tips for cold weather months


The winter months can put a damper on your exercise routine but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around doing nothing. There are plenty of ways to stay active inside and you can still go for a run or jog once in a while provided you follow a few basic safety rules.

Here are three workout tips for cold weather months to help keep you safe and in shape:

  1. Dress in layers and wear gloves, a hat and scarf, or face mask to protect your skin from the cold when running or jogging. Cut your workout time short if needed to prevent frostbite and hypothermia and don’t go out when the temperature drops to dangerous levels.
  2. Implement a 10 minute workout into your daily routine for when you have to cut your outdoor time short or when you’re stuck inside. Some of the best exercises to use include reverse crunches, planks, side plank and squats. These exercises will help tone and shape your legs, thighs, abs and glutes.
  3. Use a treadmill, elliptical, or weights to help you stay active and workout during those months it’s too cold or messy to get outdoors and workout.

You may be a little more limited during the winter months but you can still enjoy a good workout both inside and out. Protect yourself against the cold when you go out and do exercises that raise your heart rate when stuck indoors. Are there any tips you would add for working out in the colder months?