3 Family Dinners Your Kids Can Help Make



Cooking with your kids is a great way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime but it also has other benefits. For example, everyone should know their way around a kitchen and be able to cook simple meals for themselves when they get older.

When you allow your kids to help you cook, you’re sharing your knowledge with them by teaching them the basics. It’s also a great way to get picky eaters to try new foods because kids are more likely to try something they helped make.

Here are three family dinners your kids can help make:

  1. Taco salad with chicken – After you cook the chicken and dice the onions and tomatoes, the kids can help build their own salad. They can get the bowls, tear apart the lettuces and spoon their own ingredients onto their taco shells.
  2. Homemade pizza – Make the crust and then have your child spoon on the pizza sauce, sprinkle on the cheese and add whatever ingredients you’re in the mood for that night.
  3. Baked chicken nuggets – The only thing many kids love better than chicken nuggets is making them and it’s easy to do. Cook your chicken and allow it to cool while your kids help you mix up the batter. Next, cut the chicken and have the kids dip the pieces into the batter. Place them in the pan, cook and enjoy.

There’s nothing quite like cooking with your kids and you only get the opportunity once. They’ll soon be too big to spend much time helping you in the kitchen.