3 Ways To Save For A Disney Vacation



Going to Disney is something most families dream of. It’s a great, magical experience but it’s not cheap. While there are things that Disney does to try to make it more affordable for families, the average family is going to have to save up to take a trip like this. Whether you’re going to Disneyland or Disney World, or on a Disney cruise, you can save up and make this dream happen for your family.

Here are three ways to save for a Disney vacation:

  1. Create a Disney jar. You can get the whole family involved by starting a Disney savings jar. Use a mason jar, canning jar, or any type of jar you have around the house and then decorate it with your favorite Disney images. You can use this as a visual reminder of what you’re saving for. Drop loose change in it, extra money earned from odd chores, and more. If you fill the jar, you can always take it to the bank and add it to your official travel savings but having that visual really keeps it fresh of mind.
  2. Cut back on little things. There are probably things your family spends money on that you really could live without. Are there little things you can sacrifice in order to save that money for a Disney getaway instead? Sit down as a family and talk about it. What things are you each willing to give up in order to save for your Disney vacation?
  3. Liquidate things you don’t need. Almost everyone has a pile of stuff they’ve been meaning to get rid of, items you’ve been putting off for the yard sale that never happens, or clothing stuffed in the closet that don’t even fit anymore. So take some time to clean out and sell this stuff on eBay, Craigslist, a yard sale, etc. The money you get from getting rid of items you don’t need any more anyway will all get you that much closer to your Disney goal.

In addition to these tips for saving up for a Disney vacation, you should also look into ways to save on the trip itself so that you don’t have to work so hard to save up as much money. There are discounted tickets, certain times of year you can travel at lower rates, certain parks that might be priced lower at certain times of the year and more. So when you plan ahead and save up using these tips, you can make your Disney vacation a reality.