Four Indoor Activities To Enjoy As A Family



When the cold weather arrives, cabin fever can set in fast. Everyone becomes a little restless and sometimes grouchy. The kids begin to bicker and the winter blues set in but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of sitting around waiting for spring to arrive, start having some fun.

Here are 4 indoor activities to enjoy as a family:

  1. Play board games. Board games are a lot of fun and they help teach kids important lessons that include how to be a good winner or a good loser. Apple Pop, Dinosaur Escape and Dragonwood are three great games for kids.
  2. Play video games. There are some great video games that you can play together when you can’t get outside due to the cold weather. Just be sure to pick age appropriate games and take lots of breaks.
  3. Grow and care for an indoor flower garden. Nothing brightens up a cold, dreary day better than beautiful flowers and you don’t need a lot of room. Look for something that grows well indoors such as the Clivia plant with its red and yellow blooms or the African Violet with its gorgeous multicolored flowers.
  4. Put together an indoor treasure hunt. Watching the kids search the house over for the treasure is sure to be entertaining for everyone. Selecting the treasure, a hiding place and coming up with clues is both fun and challenging for parents.

Don’t sit around being bored this winter just because you can’t get outside. There are many fun activities you can do indoors to keep everyone entertained. Take advantage of this time and spend quality time enjoying activities together as a family.