Top Ten Cruising Traveling Tips



Some people wait and plan for a big portion of their lives to attend their first cruise. It can be a very exciting time. Whether it’s your first time on a cruise or you’re a seasoned vet, here are some travel tips to help you make cruising better.

Here are some top 10 cruising travel tips:

  1. Don’t be shy – A cruise can be a great time to meet new people. Whether you’re cruising alone or with friends/family, you should talk to others on the ship with you. There will be events, meals, and other opportunities to see other cruise-goers and you should try to be social. You never know what great friendships you might take away from it.
  2. Pack with care – You should take time to plan all of your packing. Be deliberate and know the purpose for everything you bring.
  3. Try something new – Going on a cruise itself may be a new thing for you but there are also many other new activities you can consider while on the cruise. You could take a new class, go dancing, or join in something at port that you’ve never done before. This is vacation and it’s a great time to “live a little” and try something new.
  4. Always bring a bathing suit – Even if you’re going to Alaska for your cruise, bring a bathing suit. If not, you will regret this later. There will end up being a time when you are presented with water – the beach, a pool on board, a sauna or hot tub, etc. So pack your swim suit and you will be always prepared.
  5. Plan for port time – Plan ahead for the time that you will be at port. What activities are there? How long will you be stopped? Can you get off the ship and get a feel for another culture for a while? This will just be more great experiences to add to your trip.
  6. Bring along magnets – Here’s something you might not think of if you’ve never been on a cruise. The walls are magnetic and you can stick notes, maps, pictures and more to your walls to make you feel comfortable and also just for practical purposes. This one will be a lifesaver.
  7. Take wet wipes – You can use face wipes, baby wipes, or “wet naps”, but taking some type of wet wipe with you is so useful. You’ll probably want to have it in your carry on and be able to access them in a flash if you have a spill, need to wash your hands, or pretty much anything else that can come up.
  8. Bring along your own toiletries – Sometimes the cruise will supply them but what they supply is typically limited and sometimes might be as simple as a pump bottle of mystery soap in the shower. If you have specific body and hair products you like to use, you better bring them with you. Also consider other hygiene items, hair tools, etc.
  9. Bring an extra bag with you – You can pack an empty bag, like a foldable nylon bag, into your suitcases or other bags and bring it with you. There’s a good chance you’re going to come back with souvenirs or collectibles and you might not have room to fit it in your luggage, even if you try to plan for space. So bring along the extra bag.
  10. Arrive early – If you have to travel to get to your outbound destination, consider leaving a night early. Many people miss their cruise because of delayed flights, running late, missed busses, etc. You can get there a night early, securing you will not miss the boat, and then take part in other local activities if you’re feeling bored.

Now that you have these tips, you’ll be better prepared for your upcoming cruise. Again, whether it’s your first or your fifth, you can have a lot of fun and make memories that last a lifetime.