Keep Coats and Boots Off The Floors



In the winter, the entranceway often becomes the place where all the coats, hats, gloves and muddy boots end up. These items usually end up blocking the doorway and they can even become a safety hazard, especially when you’re in a rush. It also makes it difficult to keep the area clean and finding the items you need when going out can be a hassle.

To solve this problem, here are a few tips to help keep winter coats and boots off the floors:

  • Place cubbies along the wall near the main entranceway to hold small items like hats, mittens and scarves. The cubbies should be at least two stacks high, three if you need space for backpacks. Place the muddy boots on the bottom and install hooks above the cubbies for coats.
  • Place a long, thin table along the wall with a basket with each person’s name on one. Throw your small items in your basket as you walk through the door. The boots can go under the table to keep them neat and organized and use hooks to keep the coats off the floor.
  • If you don’t have room for a table or cubbies, consider covering the floor near the door with indoor/outdoor carpet. It will protect your flooring and it’s easier to vacuum dirt and mud up when it dries.
  • When hanging hooks for coats, consider who will be using them. If you have young kids, look for an empty space on the wall where you can put their hooks down low, so they can reach them easy.
  • Have a chair or bench near the doorway where you can sit to put on and take off your boots and shoes. It will make it so much easier for everyone and help keep the rest of your floors clean.

These tips will make it easier to keep coats and boots off the floors by creating a specific place for them to go. Your entranceway won’t be cluttered up, your floors will stay clean and everyone will know exactly where their winter items are when they need them.