3 Tips For Eating Right During the Holidays



It’s hard to eat right and stick to your healthy diet during the holidays. Dinners usually include a large variety of cakes and pies that are hard to turn down but you don’t want to overeat. Your diet plays a major role in your overall health, so it’s important that you stick to the meal plan that works for you. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to turn down delicious food, especially when everyone else is talking about how great it is and encouraging you to eat more but you can do it.

Here are three tips for eating right during the holidays:

  1. Keep track of the foods that you eat. If you see that you are eating more calories than you normally do, slow down. When you know how much exercise you have to do to burn off the calories you’re eating, it makes it a lot easier to skip that dessert.
  2. Eat first and then go to dinner. This may sound strange but when you’re hungry, you’re more likely to overeat and fill up on foods that you wouldn’t normally eat. When you eat first you can spend more time socializing and less time indulging your taste buds.
  3. Take a couple of healthy dishes to the dinner so you have something you can fill up on. Eat slowly and enjoy your food while you eat. This way, you won’t be tempted to eat the desserts and other unhealthy foods because you’ll have something that taste great and that’s healthy.

You don’t have to feel guilty and work harder to lose those extra pounds when the holidays are over. Use these tips to eat right during a time when most people tend to overindulge.