Vacation Tips: How to Pack for a Cruise



Packing can be a real pain. This is a truth that all travelers know. Packing for a cruise is one of the most important steps you will take in the cruise planning process. Some people do it really early, armed with lists and notes for making the packing easier. Some people procrastinate and then shove a bunch of things into their bags at the last minute. Whether you fall at one end of the spectrum, or somewhere in between, these tips on packing for a cruise can help you out.

Here are some tips for packing for a cruise:

  1. Plan in advance. It goes without saying that waiting to the last minute increases your risk of missing something important. The sooner you start packing, or at least planning the things you will pack, the easier it will be and the less likely you will be to forget something.
  2. Pack your carry-on wisely. Remember that this bag is going to contain things you need on you while flying to your destination. You might need a sweater or pullover in case it gets cold or the temperatures are cooler where you’re going. You want to carry any important medications, or anti-nausea and headache medications. All important things you will need access to before boarding, while boarded, and after boarding should go in this bag. Pack your carry-on with the idea that you won’t see your checked luggage for a while, or worst case scenario, your checked luggage gets lost.
  3. Pack your checked luggage wisely. You should try to sort your outfits when you pack them in your bag. Be smart about what you pack in this bag. Take the necessities but if you don’t have to have it, consider leaving it home to make more room for the things you do need.
  4. Find out if you can do laundry aboard. If you have access to laundry facilities on board your cruise, you won’t have to pack as many clothes, since you can wash things while you’re there. This is especially helpful for longer cruises.
  5. Consider dress codes and formal events. Most cruise lines have at least one formal night where you will be required to dress up and there are often dress codes for other events on board or when at port. Be sure to look into this and pack accordingly.
  6. Roll, don’t fold. If you roll your clothing instead of folding it, you can get more inside and it also keeps the wrinkles out. People have been using this little trick for a long time now. If you have not tried it yet, you can experiment right now and see just what we mean.
  7. Leave room in your suitcase. You’re probably going to have souvenirs and other items to bring home from your trip. Be sure you leave some extra space in your bags for this.
  8. Don’t forget your basics. They cruise line may not have your favorite toiletries, hair styling tools, and other items you’re used to having daily and you may not have access to easily buy these things. So plan accordingly and take your basics.
  9. Pack all important documents. Not only should you pack them, but you should keep all important documents on you and not in your other bags. If you were to become separated from your ID, passport, or other important documents, this could be a big problem.

Whatever kind of packer you are, now you have these tips to help make the process go more smoothly. When you pack correctly, you will get even more enjoyment out of your cruise and you keep your stress levels down for the whole experience. Have fun!