How Much Screen Time Is Too Much

How Much Screen Time is Too Much



Kids love electronics. It doesn’t seem to matter the age, background, or any other factors – they all love them. That said, too much screen time can be unhealthy. Parents have been warned about it, studies have been done on it, and many articles have been written on it. The magic question, however, still seems to be “how much screen time is too much?”

The answer is not a simple one. Technology is everywhere these days and trying to limit your children to a number of minutes might prove impossible in many situations. You see it everywhere, even in restaurants and doctor’s waiting rooms.

A better question might be what are they watching/playing and when? It’s hard to put a figure on what is “too much” these days in a world where screens are a part of who and what we are. However, it’s easier to determine what kids shouldn’t be watching or playing at certain ages. There are also appropriate and inappropriate times to do certain things.

Playing on your phone in class is not okay. A young child watching an R-rated movie is generally not okay. So worry more about the “what” and the “when” than how much. You’re not going to be able to completely remove screens from your children’s lives but you should be able to teach them important lessons about when, where, and how they use those screens.

Now that you have a better understanding on how much screen time is “too much”, you can create some guidelines for your family.