Tips & Good Ideas: How to Stop Wasting


How to Stop Wasting Food

Unfortunately, people waste a lot of food. It’s a huge problem in the US, but globally as well. The amount of food waste all across the globe in a single year is probably enough to feed around 1 billion hungry people. The statistics around food waste are staggering and they’ll make you think twice after your next meal. That said, this doesn’t mean you should stuff yourself or overeat just to prevent waste.

So what can you do to stop wasting food? Here are some tips:

  • Plan all of your meals. Know what you need and what you will be eating each day.
  • Use a specific grocery list based on this meal plan.
  • Know the measurements when cooking and preparing meals so you don’t waste.
  • Learn to cook and freeze foods for later.
  • Buy in bulk (but only when you know you will use it).
  • Buy what’s in season.

Now that you know how to stop wasting food, you can put it into practice. Don’t worry if you slip up now and then. It happens to even the best of us. Just make a note of your mistakes and make the effort to do better the next time. Forgotten about that bowl of leftovers in the fridge and now it’s moldy? Well, just try harder next time and maybe make a note so you don’t forget about it. Remember the importance of having a system so you stick with it and don’t waste food needlessly.