Fall Family Staycation Ideas


Photo Source: Shutterstock

Not everyone is able to travel during the fall season but as the weather gets cooler, this is a great time for enjoying a staycation with the family. You can feel like you’re getting a vacation without the hassle and expense of going far from home. A staycation doesn’t have to take place right in your home (but it can). What it means is to go out in your neighborhood or at least places you could visit in a day trip, meaning no hotel. Some people like to book a local hotel just to get the experience of being out of their home. This might work for you if you have a small family or if budget isn’t really your concern.

Here are some fall family staycation ideas you might consider:

Check out fall festivals in your area – This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all of the fall festivals happening in your area. There are hay rides, corn mazes, fairs, and much more. Chances are good that no matter where you live, there will be several different festivals to consider. Maybe you will even want to try them all.

Go on a nature hike – Family members of all ages can enjoy a nature hike. You can just go and enjoy the time together, the great outdoors, and talking, or you can turn it into a game or ask your children to collect certain items while on your hike and bring them back home to study, collect, or use for a project. You could also use this as an opportunity to learn more about your area.

Visit some local museums – This is a great indoor activity for when the weather gets cooler but it can also be a lot of fun. Many museums have programs that change with the seasons so even if you’ve already been, you can check out something new.

Enjoy a state fair – State fairs will often go throughout the fall seasons as well. Look into what’s happening in your area and plan out some time at a state fair.

Every idea might not work for every family but we definitely hope it gets your creative juices flowing when it comes to fun ideas. You can also have a fall party at your home, do one last seasonal barbecue in the backyard, or camp out under the stars. There is no end to the ideas that you can make happen when you put a little time and creativity into spending with your family. Fall might mean the end of summer but it doesn’t have to be the end of fun.