3 Ideas to Organize Your Playroom

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You have a playroom for a reason but that doesn’t mean it needs to be such a mess you can’t walk through it, or find the toys your kids want to play with. The thing is, playrooms get messy. It comes with the territory. Children also make messes when they play. It’s how they learn. If you want to create a playroom that can easily be picked up after play sessions, you’re going to need some organization. The more organized everything is, the easier it will be to clean up. So no more messy playroom stress!

Here are three ideas to organize your playroom:

Everything has a place – Whether you use bins, baskets, cubbies, or some other storage system, everything needs to have a place. You can’t begin to organize until you have something to sort things into and a system for sorting. Will you sort by color? Maybe you will sort by game or toy type? How you do it doesn’t matter so much as making sure you do it in a way that works for you and your family. Some people have even used over-the-door shoe organizers for toys.

Use wall storage – Keep the floors clutter-free when you make use of wall storage. You can hang bookshelves, racks, hooks and more to the walls and keep everything up and put away. You can also use labels to help you and your children remember where everything needs to be returned.

Create a pick-up system – Once you have a place for everything in your playroom, the challenge lies in keeping everything in its place. You need a good pick-up system and routine if you want to keep that playroom looking nice and organized. A simple system is to say that your children must put one thing back before playing with another but if they’re not used to doing this, you’re going to need to supervise in the beginning.