3 Tips to Get Picky Kids to Eat Their Veggies

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3 Tips to Get Picky Kids to Eat Their Veggies

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Kids aren’t the only ones to be picky about eating their veggies. Adults can be just as stubborn and picky as eaters. That said, if you start teaching your children to love veggies at a young age, they will be much more likely to grow into adults who appreciate some good vegetables and healthy food.

Here are three tips to get picky kids to eat their veggies:

  1. Enforce a “One Bite Rule”. You should never try to force your child to clean his plate or eat something he doesn’t like. This will make picky eaters even worse as they battle for that control over what goes in their mouth. However, you can enforce a one bite rule that states they must eat at least one bite of their veggies or any new food you’re offering. A good motivation is to say, “You cannot have dessert unless you take at least one bite.” Studies have shown that people need to try a new food sometimes as much as eight times before they start to like it. So keep offering and keep encouraging one bite.
  2. Let them help with the process. Kids want to feel involved and picky eaters often want to feel like they have more control over a situation or an aspect of their lives. There are different ways you can get your picky eater to help with the meal such as with the shopping, preparing, cooking, or setting the table.
  3. Make it appetizing to your child. Kids eat with their eyes more than most adults do. They tend to want their food separated on the plate and not touching. They want to eat things that look cute or pretty. You can do a lot with fresh, colorful veggies if you put some creativity into it. You can also use spices, butter, and other flavoring to make the veggies taste better as your child is adjusting to eating them.

With these tips, it should become easier to get your kids to eat their vegetables. Just remember that you will need to be consistent. If you slip even once on enforcing the plan, you might undo all of your work up to that point. Good luck!